Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Hell if I know"

Yesterday our whole office went to Indigo Joes for lunch. As the conversations evolved around me, some of the ladies began talking about baby stuff. So naturally I tuned in, hoping to pick up some nugget of information for future use. Apparently I looked more interested than I really was when one of them looked right at me and said, "You know what you need? A Diaper Genie."

--First of all, I can't imagine why I would need anything called Diaper Genie right now, as I am perfectly capable of using toilets, urinals, and the occasional big tree in the woods.

Jake (my buddy, and only other guy in the office without a kid) and I looked at each other and both shrugged...

"What's a Diaper Genie?". . . (Hell if I know.)

They shook their collective heads and laughed at us...

When I got home I decided to do a little research... here's what I learned.

The Diaper Genie is a trash can...

Oh, but there are two to choose from. Diaper Genie II and the Diaper Genie Twistaway. There was a list of "features" with each model.

Here are the Diaper Genie II's coveted features...

Helps keep your nursery odor free with Diaper Genie® II’s patented AIR-TITE™ System...

(So it has a lid...)

Uses the revolutionary AIR-TITE™ System, a seven-layer odor barrier film technology and the Push-N-Lock clamp, that seals odor away better than the competition

(I'll admit the "revolutionary seven-layer odor barrier film" is kinda cool...)

Has an incredibly easy-to-use, one-hand design system (unlike the original Diaper Genie® System, no twisting is required)

(One-hand design? How many diapers require two hands to hold?)

Holds more than 30 small diapers

(But how many of the monstrous "two-handed" diapers will it hold?)

Comes fully assembled and ready to use

(it's a trashcan, right?)

No Batteries Required

(see the previous comment)

Plus, Diaper Genie® II System is incredibly easy to use with its one-hand operation – important when parents are holding a child and trying to throw away a diaper at the same time.

(I can't fathom what is so damn hard about throwing away a diaper in a trash can, and why a two-handed person is that much better off than a one-handed person, unless they are the massive two-handed diapers previously mentioned)

I'm still on the fence with this one, but may be worth it just for the fact I don't have to put it together and it doesn't require batteries.


Sara said...

Having spent years baby-sitting prior to having kids, I did NOT want a Diaper Genie, I didn't like them. We got a Diaper Champ, same concept, but you can use your own bags (Target/Walmart size work great), no twisting involved. Not stinky until you start rice cereal, etc, then you need to use it only for wet diapers. And that's my product endorsement for the day...

MM and Wes said...

I second that -- if you go with a Diaper Genie, you HAVE to use their bags. If you get a Diaper CHAMP (what we have) you can use any old bag you may have... i.e. grocery or trash. Lovin' ours still to this day.

sorry to get all "mommy" on ya -- Hope all is well!!

FriedrichFamily said...

Ok, this whole research thing greatly amused me. I'm glad you looked into it. I have to say we ALSO have a diaper champ, and it works pretty well. We got a diaper pail made by "The 1st Years" for our new nursery (we now have 2 kids in diapers - I recommend avoiding this situation if you can) and it is AMAZING. It has batteries, but you can't smell a thing, which is pretty incredible. If you don't mind spending $40 on a diaper pail and replacing the batteries, you'll appreciate the unsmelliness this diaper trash can provides.

It was fun to stumble upon your blog via Mary Margaret's, whose blog I got from Krissy Kolster Yoder via facebook. What a chain. It looks like you two are really happy. Congratulations on your pending arrival! Here is our blog address in case you want to visit. I love reading blogs! Take care!
-Allison Cherry Friedrich

Lilo said...

Doesn't the prospect of emptying that after 30 soiled diapers have been festering for who knows how long just tickle you pink!?
As a "professional" babysitter I never opened it once and wasn't blasted by stink! LOL
Good luck! :)