Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lindsey's Wedding Weekend- Part 2

Hanging out with Panda Bear and Blue's Clues prior to the ceremony

Hanging out with Daddy while Mom was off taking you can tell, A.D. enjoyed all the wedding food!

Having fun with the camera!

Lindsey's Wedding Weekend- Part 1

This weekend we headed back to D.C. for Tim's sister Lindsey's Wedding. We flew again this trip and were able to fit everything we needed for the 5 day trip (including bridesmaid dress and suit) into our 2 carry-on and 2 personal bags. I was amazed and happy not to be paying the additional baggage fee, but quickly realized that it just meant doing more laundry.

After arriving on Thursday, we went to spend the afternoon with Grandma Baird (Tim's Dad's Mom). A.D. was cranky since he is cutting a bunch of teeth and missed nap time that day, but we were able to get a few good pics!

Lindsey's rehearsal dinner was on Friday night and we were able to snag a photo-op with the Bride-to-be.

There were many more good family shots from this evening, but since I haven't asked to publish their pics on here we will have to save those for a later date. Even with all the teething, A.D. had a wonderful time with his family....tune in later for the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where is A.D.?

A.D. has lately been a lover of all things stuffed. So, every night at bedtime, his favorite animals from the day along with his blanket must be present in his crib. I took my nightly peek-in before bed a few days ago and was greeted with this delightful image. Where is Waldo...I mean A.D.?

We do promise to post more soon...and up-date you all on everything from the past two months!---Tiff