Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gone Fishin'- March 2010

As much as A.D. loves trains, Tim loves fishing. Tim is obsessed. Which is okay, most of the time :). Tim has been itching to take A.D fishing for the first time and an invite from family friends to fish a pond on their property was the perfect opportunity. Papa went along too but I opted to stay home since I was on-call and would have spent the entire time on the phone. I was actually hoping that if I stayed home then the on-call phone would be silent but, alas, no such luck. The boys seemed like they had a great time fishing and spending time with good friends.

Papa and his fish

Ohhh, slimy

Papa trying to get A.D. to kiss the fish

Friday, August 27, 2010

Giant Lightbright- March 2010

On one of my days off, A.D. and I decided to visit our local Children's Museum. We had only been once before when A.D. was about 6 months younger so this trip was a definite eye-opener on how much bigger A.D. has gotten. One of his favorite activities was playing with the giant Lightbright.

And more lights....(This was part of the Blue Man Group exhibit)

They also have a large wind tunnel to play in. Last time A.D. enjoyed watching others but this time he joined right in.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Texas visit- March 2010

Texas visit continued...
A.D. was very eager to ride the carousel at the mall, however, not so happy when his time came to ride...

But after a few tears, the smile returns, sort of...
Mugging with Grandpa Jeff and Daddy in front of the train in the mall. How cool is Texas? We got to see Thomas then we found a train in the mall!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deja Vu- March 2010

No these aren't lost photos from the train show but from our visit to Grapevine, TX. We made the trip in early March to see Grandpa Jeff and Uncle Austin. Grandpa Jeff was on the ball and happened to catch a flyer that advertised a Day Out with Thomas during the time we would be there. The day was a lot of fun and A.D. had a blast with all the Thomas paraphernalia.

For all the concerned parents out there, yes we thoroughly sanitized, then washed, then re-santized his hands after meeting the petting zoo animals.

"Mom, can I have one of these please?!"

Train Show-February 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains....A.D. loves any and all things to do with trains. We happened upon a poster for a train show when we were visiting a local train store a few months back. I penciled the date on the calender and sort of forgot about it. Luckily I glanced at the calender earlier this month and noticed the train show was up-coming. I think our perceptions of what would be at the train show were different than reality, but I still think A.D. had a wonderful time. There was a lot of photo opportunities, however, I always seemed to catch other children in the frame so here is the only good one with just A.D.

And since I didn't catch a lot of good photos at the train show, this photo-op occurred a couple days later while sitting a train crossing.

Been awhile

So it has been awhile...and since our last post in February we have had a lot of stuff to post about. I am going to try to post it all in chronological order so here goes...