Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lesson from Dad: How to be Photogenic...

I'm starting a new blog segment called Lessons from Dad, an incredible learning tool for A.D. (and any other babies out there that might be surfing the web) that will help him get through life.

This lesson is titled How to be Photogenic...

As you will soon find out, people will randomly take pictures of you without your prior knowledge. To be able to handle such conditions, you need to make sure you are always prepared. In order to do so, you need to become familiar with the Smug-Goofy-Cheesy-Grin (SGCG) look.

In order to properly execute the SGCG, you must properly do the following:

1. Look smarmy. That's right, show some swagger.

2. Raise your eyebrows. Let the camera know you are a little excited, but not so much you look surprised. Imagine pointing at the camera and saying "heyyyyyyy"

3. Turn whatever you are holding (beer, hedge clippers, Rick Astley tape, baby, etc.) toward the camera.

4. Showing teeth is optional.

And since you're a baby and pictures help you learn, Figure 1 (below) shows just how photogenic your daddy is (note the perfectly executed SGCG).


Lilo said...

Hmmmmm thats a great pic! LOL

leftinthemiddle said...

The little guy looks so little next to you. It's adorable!

MM and Wes said...

I think I have some pics of you from college with that same look. Except it was a beer you were holding... not a baby.