Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Travel, the Baird... Cubed Way.

This past weekend we decided to take a trip up to DC for Aunt Lindsey's (my sister's) bridal shower. We knew that Tiff was going to go up for it, since she's in the wedding, but we weren't sure if all three of us were going to head north. At the last minute we found a good deal on some tickets, making it AD's first flight. Of course he was awesome as usual on the flight... mostly, I am sure, because Tiff and I are seasoned travelers.

Since so many of you read this blog for all of my expert advice, here are the official Baird...Cubed Travel Tips...

First of all, decide in advance whether you want to spend some extra dough to check your bags, or stuff as much as you can into smaller carry-on bags. We decided to carry all of our bags on.

Pack wisely.

Now think of a time in your head that you would consider to be an ungodly hour to try to catch a flight. Say 6:30 AM? Ok... book that one.

Next, plan on being at the airport with plenty of time to spare. If you have a kid, add 30 minutes on to that time. If you have a 15-month old, add another 30 to that.

When you get to the airport, trudge to the ticket counter like zombies who haven't had their brain fix yet. By brains, I mean coffee.

Do the kiosk song and dance and get your tickets.

Now, plan this next part very carefully. Grab all of your bags; in our case, each of our bags with the rolly wheels, backpack, diaper bag, nebulizer bag (for the asthma), cooler bag (for the antibiotics) stroller, and kid (optional).

Now, count how many hands you have. The kid's dont count. We had four, which is good because it sucks whenever you look down and realize you're missing a hand...

Find somewhere near the gate to feed the zombies and buy coffee. Make sure it is roughly the temperature of magma.

Now check on your gate because it is most likely boarding without your knowledge. Ours was, without our knowledge... until we checked.

Grab your two rolly bags, backpack, diaper bag, nebulizer bag, cooler bag, stroller, kid (still optional), and two cups of coffee that you haven't been able to drink due to the fact they are the same temperature as the sun.

Realize you only have four hands.


Now this next part is also very important. Make sure you look as uncomfortable as possible. Making a face like you are both lost and in pain at the same time worked for me. One of the nice people at US Airways will hopefully see this, and offer to grab a bag or two.

All kidding aside, one of the nice people at US Airways DID see my lost-pain face, got us to the elevator, and helped us on the tarmac to the plane.

We did the planeside back check thing so we didn't have to jam the wheely bags into the overhead compartment. By his point they take the stroller away from you. So now you have a backpack, diaper bag, kid (no longer in stoller and by this point no longer optional), nebulizer bag, cooler bag, two cups of coffee that are 50 degrees cooler than before yet still hot enough to inflict 3rd degree burns on your tongue, and a ticket that you have to look up and down from at least fifty times to make sure that you don't pass your seat by.

Then finally... sit in your seat.

AD traveled great, and we really expect nothing less. He took everything in stride. Apparently the reading light was pretty cool, and the little doohicky that holds up the tray was really cool. We had a nice but very short visit, and headed back down to South Carolina the following night.