Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lesson from Dad: When Things are Funny...

Hey kiddo, it's me again.

Today I'd like to talk to you about funny things.

Remember yesterday when you and Daddy were dancing around the living room while listening to Reel Big Fish? Daddy was singing along and making goofy faces, and you giggled. Dancing around the living room was fun, and Daddy was being funny...

Do you also remember the other day when Daddy was changing your diaper and you decided to pee? You peed on Daddy, on the wall, on your clothes, the changing pad... I think you may have hit the cat too. You giggled then too.

I think you're a little confused about when things are funny, and when things are definitely not funny. So let's run through a little checklist of what is funny and what is not funny...

  1. Peeing on Daddy? Not funny
  2. Peeing on the cat? Funny
  3. Peeing on Mommy? Hilarious
That should about cover it really.

If you stick to these three little rules, we'll be best friends.

-- Daddy

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