Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 10 things to do at 3:30 AM...

10. Watch Russia vs Hungary ladies Team Handball in HD. (Russia won)

9. Consider ordering the Clorox Greenworks surface cleaner because the dude with the English accent sounds so damn smart.

8. Burp the baby.

7. Think to yourself... "Is there something on my neck? I swear something is crawling on me, but I'm holding a baby and if I move he will wake up... Crap."

6. Clip your toenails.

5. Try to jam a pacifier in the baby's mouth, hoping it will put him to sleep until noon.

4. Polish off the rest of the Chinese food in the fridge.

3. Hum Beatles songs, but then argue with yourself about whether Paul or John sung "Ruby Tuesday." (At that time, Mick wasn't even an option)

2. Walk the baby in circles around the house, guided only by nightlights.

1. Play the game "Change the baby's diaper without him waking up." Double bonus points if he doesn't pee all over you. (I lost)


I guess it's fair to say we are having some minor sleeping issues. Tiffany took him to the pediatrician today and they confirmed our suspicions that he has acid reflux.

Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight so I can dream about large handball-playing Russian women cleaning my house with environmentally friendly Clorox while humming "Ruby Tuesday."

I can't wait.


Sara said...

There are an awful lot of infomercials on at 3am (at least there were back in March).

I usually ended up watching the Cosby Show, but Nick at Night changed it to George Lopez.

Don't worry, the fall programs will start in a month, and then you can DVR new stuff to watch....

MM and Wes said...

I ended up actually buying the "Magic Bullet Blender" after watching it so many nights on the infomercials.

good purchase.

CeCe said...

Hahahaha! Tim, we feel your pain! Even now, Devin (at 8 months) likes to do a nice 2 or 3 am wakeup feeding. I watched "Your Baby Can Read" infomercials and thought that messing with a kid's brain at 8 months is fair payback for all the middle of the night tv. DVR is also a wonderful invention--it didn't exist when my 5 year old was a baby. Best of luck, he is so cute!