Wednesday, February 20, 2008

With a future baby on its way, it kinda gets you thinking about other things you want to get done in life. Much like The Bucket List, which I haven't seen but get the general idea, here's a short list of things Tim wants to accomplish...
  • Hitchhike somewhere
  • Protest something (if I protest protesting, can I check it off my list?)
  • Read the whole encyclopedia
  • Live off the land
  • Poop in all 50 States... (and get some encyclopedia reading done)
  • Work at a dude ranch
  • Fix our sink
  • Go on Cash Cab (and go double or nothing on the video bonus)
  • Throw out a first pitch
  • Read Letterman's Top 10
  • Get my pinkie working
Other than that, anything else that happens is just bonus.

Oh, and due to colds, bronchitis, and respiratory infections between Tiff and I, no baby stuff has happened in a while. But Tiff's getting a little belly now... woohoo!

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