Friday, February 29, 2008

Vote for Tim!

Us here at B3 welcome Amelia Lourain Mayse to the world. Amelia is the brand new daughter of Nathan and Sara, and sister of Seth.

I think Amelia Lourain is a beautiful name, but I am very disappointed I wasn't included in the naming discussion. So... I have now officially entered my name into the election for exclusive naming rights to Mayse Baby #3 (which I've already decided will be born, so that's not in the discussion).

Now if Nathan and Sara would like to skip the political arena and grant me exclusive naming rights based on my landslide victory in the Baby Predictions post, then I accept (I believe I at least got gooey right).

I ask for all of your support in this matter, and await the list of my opponents.

Congrats Nathan and Sara!

-- B3

1 comment:

Sara said...

My dad brought his laptop to the hospital and I read this there...and about had to ask for more pain medicine because I was laughing so hard it made my incision hurt!

Why don't you catch up before I start thinking of number three?...thanks for posting about us, I'll be blogging again soon.

ps-You DEFINITELY got gooey right...I've seen a lot of babies, and she may have been one of the cheesiest I've ever seen (lucky for everyone we didn't get a picture of that!)