Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Post... sure to change

Welcome to the first blog for Baird... Cubed.

Why Baird...Cubed you ask? Many of you know Tiff and I have a little bundle of joy (and when I say "bundle of joy," I mean a baby, not a gift-basket full of Heineken) coming our way in August. It will be the third Baird in the household, so hence Baird... Cubed.

Why not Baird By 3? or Baird Baby Blog? Or any other of the million alliterative names you can come up with? I don't know really, so we're sticking with this name.

This isn't the very beginning of the pregnancy, so there will be some things we'll catch you all up on. But it is pretty close to the beginning, so you really haven't missed much...

Here's what you have missed...
  • Tiff hasn't really been sick, which completely amazes me,
  • I bought a box of diapers,
  • We don't know the sex, and we haven't decided if we are going to find out,
  • Tiff's not really showing yet,
  • We haven't started on the baby room yet,
  • I went to Baby's R Us... and left scared,
  • We haven't picked out names, but have ruled out Rufus and Gertrude... I'm campaigning for Grizzly,
  • Seriously, I bought a box of diapers. See below.

-- Tim


MM and Wes said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! What a trip this is going to be... we are so excited for you!

talk soon,
wes, mm, and charlotte!

Mom said...

So far you've picked out only boy's names. How 'bout Ziggy or Zike to honor my side of the family? Of course when it comes to girls names you know how I feel about the names Destiny or Crystal....


Mom said...

Ooops...just noticed the Gertrude...so never mind about not having picked out girls names. How about Bertha Baird?

Nick and Kris said...

Haha... "Grizzly Baird." Hmmm, you could also try "Shai Ven Baird."

Nathan W. Armes said...

Tim -

I vote for Grizzly! Looking forward to checking out Baird...Cubed as things come along.



Aly said...

OMG I am so excited for you two!!!