Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Afternoon in the Life...

You ever had one of those times where you aren't really quite sure whether you are coming or going? You don't know which way is up? You don't know if what you are smelling is what you are stepping in?... That was my afternoon yesterday... And all of which was for 15 minutes of fun in the pool with the little man. Here's a recap of events...
  • Head home from work to pick up A.D. from daycare. I'm feeling pretty good because I am going to take him swimming over at his Papa and Grandma's house.
  • Go into daycare where I immediately have to sign an "Uh-Oh Report" because he whacked his face on a bookshelf while trying to get a toy. Nothing new there.
  • Head home and start getting stuff ready for the pool and dinner...
  • Marinate chicken breasts.
  • Search the house for A.D.'s swim suit.
  • Change into my own swim suit in the middle of the kitchen, then realize the blinds were open... crap.
  • Get food together for A.D. and put all into bag.
  • Throw everything in the car and head over to Papa and Grandma's house.
  • Realize that I am locked out of their house... double crap.
  • I break into the house, grab the kid and all his stuff and go inside.
  • Change kid into "L'il Swimmers," which by the way don't go on like diapers, so it was like wrangling a cat into... well I don't know where I was going with this analogy, but it would be somewhere a cat wouldn't want to go. Got that?
  • Realize I left his bottle at home... crap again.
  • Inflate his little float thingy and put sun shade canopy on it.
  • Fight with A.D. as I try to slather sunscreen on him.
  • Take him out to the pool just to realize the back yard is shaded after 4 PM... no sunscreen or sunshade needed on his float thingy... sonofacrap!
  • Play in pool for 15 minutes until he gets cold...
Reinforcements arrived when we were just about to get out of the water. I was then able to hand him off and let mommy get him dry and changed. In the mean time, I drank a beer.

He had a blast for the short time he was in the pool. And any time you put a kid in the pool and he doesn't leave a floater behind has to be considered a successful trip.

Tonight I get to install kid-proof latches on all of the kitchen cabinets... I can't wait.

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