Friday, May 22, 2009


The little man is walking... if "walking" meets the definition below.

Walk: \'wok\ : To go into motion after standing upright while holding onto a low object (e.g. couch, table, chair, etc...), swaying like a drunk fraternity kid, and taking one step before crash landing onto the hard floor into a crumpled heap.

In reality, the little man just thinks he can walk. If we don't watch him, he really will let go of whatever he is holding on to, and try to take off across the room. But so far his upright traveling hasn't fared well for him.

Those papers are "Uh-Oh" reports from his daycare. Uh-Oh reports come home with him when he hurts himself at daycare. We've had one or two before from another kid bashing him with a toy, or him wiping out when he was learning to pull up. But we've never had 3 in one day!!! These are from 10:30, 11:30, and 2:30...

We may not be fast learners... but we sure are persistant!

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Aly said...

Poor little guy!