Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Week In Review...

For all of those who have been wondering how A.D.'s ear surgery went, I thought I would do a quick week in review. A.D. had a few pre-surgery jitters (esp. after the little girl in the next bed started crying her little heart out), but he ended up going in with a smile on his face and flirting with the nurse. He made it through surgery well and only cried for a few minutes in recovery as he woke up from the anesthesia. That definitely broke my heart, but he seemed to bounce back quickly and was playing with us on the floor in his room at home within an hour of when the surgery started. Other than not wanting to nap, at all, on Monday, I have to say that the surgery went very well.

A.D. did wake up a few times the next few nights and my Grandmother, who kept him on Tuesday and Wednesday, will tell you he was quite fussy, had a runny nose, and seemed to be running a low-grade fever. Due to the fussiness and waking up at night, which is his usual M.O. for an ear infection, we were back at the pediatrician's office on Wednesday. She said his ears still looked “rough” made a few changes to how often and how many antibiotic drops we used and rescheduled us an appointment with the ENT on Thursday. By Thursday though, he was back to sleeping most of the night through and the ENT thought his ears looked appropriate for his stage of post-op. Verdict: the antibiotic drops are starting to do the job and he must a virus of some sort. Tim and I will tell you that after developing the runny nose, head congestion, and over-all malaise, we both had the dreaded virus also.

On to Friday. We were getting ready to embark on our summer vacation so A.D. and I spent the day packing and getting everything ready. As soon as Tim made it home at lunchtime, we packed up the car, fed A.D., and headed out. Oh, yeah. And, Tim discovered during the above-mentioned feeding that A.D. had cut not just one, but two of his bottom teeth during the previous day. Yehhh!!! Finally not toothless. That definitely probably contributed to the crankiness, huh? Back to the crazy story. We made it to Charlotte on Friday night, and had dinner with my parents, both of my grandmothers, and my uncle who were all in town (like us) for my sister's graduation on Saturday. A crazy, busy week. As we went to bed on Friday night we thought that only relaxation lay ahead....only to be woken up at mid-night by A.D. who had come down with a stomach bug. UCK! Definitely not in the plans. We ended up skipping Sam's graduation (sorry!!!!) and driving straight to D.C. to see Tim's family. Many clothing changes, bottles of pedialyte, and diaper changes later we arrived safely. Luckily for Tim and I, we were fortunate enough not to end up with the virus ourselves, but Tim's mom (Nana) and sister weren't so lucky.

Stay tuned for pictures from our vacation! They should be arriving shortly.--Tiff

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MM and Wes said...

UGH!! What a ride you guys have had! Hopefully things are on the up and up for you all! Our love to all of you... mary-margaret