Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Year of the Legacy...

Subtitled: People I Don't Trust with Babies...

Secondary Subtitle: They are Gonna Kill Me...

As it turns out, 2008 is going to be a busy year for Pi Kapp births. As you know, Nathan and Sara just had their second. Soon Terry, Leebo, and myself will be adding to the pool in 2008.

We all went to college together, and are all fraternity brothers. Even though we were all very responsible students and exceptional citizens (chuckle), babies are a different story.

Because of this, I may get them to hop on and share some thoughts. But before they do, I'll make some introductions.

Meet: Terry

Terry had a Beta fish named Lulu, and a pet snake named Mitch. He never killed them, but did give Mitch away.

You can't give a baby away, man... I'm just saying.

He now lives in Boston with his expecting wife Sarah.

Meet: Leebo

Leebo had a water bed in college... enough said I think. Oh, and he and his wife live in Charleston and are expecting their first.

If I had a more incriminating photo of Leebo, I would have posted it. Now accepting donations.

Meet: Nathan

This guy is now in charge of two kids...

Hopefully taste in headwear doesn't translate to parenting skills.

(Photo Edited) -- Thanks Sara!

Meet: Tim

The baby better not try to steal my chicken wings.

Also, I've given up on buying diapers. I'm going to put newspaper and cedar chips down on all the floors. It should be a lot cheaper.

Congrats guys... Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho.


Arizona said...

Janelle hit me really hard when I got home tonight. What's that all about?

Lilo said...

LOL. I love it.