Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun with names...

Now that we know that a little boy is on the way, it seems the majority of our conversations are about picking names.

Here's how I've figured out the baby naming process goes...

First of all, I bought a Baby Names book for Tiff last week as a surprise. So we have a good base of about 10,000 boy names...

Then you knock out about 75% that are just plain weird... like Traquavious, Abdon, and Franklheigh... I swear I didn't make those up.

Then you knock out about another 75% of what's left for the ones that make your kid sound like a near-sighted chemist, like Poindexter, Reginald, and Newton.

Then the ones that will get your kid's ass kicked... like Darshit. (I know that should have been knocked out from the first 75%, but I really wanted to point out the name. But it admittedly does have a good ring to it. Say it out loud a few times...)

Once you knock out those names, you're left with a still very mighty list of names to choose from. Here's how the conversation goes from there...

Tiff: How about Ethan?

Mom-in-Law: Ooooh, I like Ethan!

Tim: Nope. I knew a kid in elementary school named Ethan who was PK deficient and had to drink milkshakes that looked like post-fruitloop breakfast vomit. So no. How about Beauregard?

Dad-in-Law chuckles and hands me a High-Life, and Tiff scolds me for not taking this seriously (which I wasn't).

Tiff: How about occupation names, like Harper?

Tim: Harper? What occupation is that, someone who plays the harp?

Tiff: Yes.

Tim: Oh... nope.

Tim: How about a presidential name... like Theodore?

Dad-in-Law snorts beer across the room and declares that he likes the name "Teddy Baird."

Tim: How about "Teddy Brown Baird."

We chuckle, and the girls scold us some more...

Then it continues with the girls coming up with more names, and me knocking them down because they remind me of some dumb movie, a stupid kid I grew up with, or a pet we once had... Then I try to come up with other names that match our very Ursine last name...

The moral of the story is YES, we have discussed baby names. And NO, we haven't picked one out yet.

And YES, Darshit is now in the running.


Tiffany said...

Hey! I was proud for coming up with Teddy Baird. I'm not funny very often, so I definitely need credit for my favorite name ;). Love ya, Tiff

PS You forgot about Blue Baird

Sara said...

It sounds like you have gone to the "Nathan Mayse School of Baby Naming"!

Aly said...

I love Darshit. Though I would like to pronounce it with a long i.

J said...

Tiff you should know that Matt and I both laughed long and loud at "Teddy Baird"...nicely played!