Monday, October 26, 2009


The past week has been quite eventful around our house. Tim was scheduled to be out of town last week so I was going to be a single parent. I thought I was prepared as Tim has been out of town for a few nights in a row before. Sadly, I was mistaken. All went well for a few hours, then A.D.'s daycare called and he was running a low-grade fever. No problem. Pick up little man and monitor him overnight to see what was going on. I can handle this. Uhhhh, no. A.D.'s fever spiked to 102.7 overnight so I figured that earned him a MD visit on Tuesday. This is the point where I should probably say that my diagnosis for A.D. was a sinus infection (he had had a virus a week before). Due to the amounts of flu going around, the MD's office was swabbing all children with a temp over 102 to test for Influenza A or B. Lo and behold, he comes up positive for Influenza A. H1N1 is a strain of Influenza A but the test they currently have does not separate H1N1 from Influenza A. Long story short....A.D. most likely has H1N1 and I'm at home alone. I was happy Tim was out of town so he would miss the germs, but it is always nice to have backup when a child is crabby. And A.D. got very crabby. Luckily, the flu was relatively mild as advertised and A.D. recovered by Friday. I, on the other hand, earned myself a MD visit today due to a running a temp all day yesterday. A.D. is good at sharing already and I have now also tested positive for Influenza A. Tim was given a prescription for Tamiflu also, in hope of him not getting sick. And for all of those who know us, we need all the help we can get to stay well. Now, if I can just figure out where to buy some protective bubbles so that we can make it through the cough/cold/flu season in one piece!

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surprised mom said...

Sorry, the pharmacies are all out of protective bubbles. I asked. It seems that everywhere you go, people are catching, have or are getting over the flu. Why do I think it's going to be a long, long, long winter?
Good luck to all of you on staying healthy.