Monday, October 19, 2009

Children's Museum

This past Saturday we took A.D. to the Greenville Children's Museum which opened late this summer so the crowds were pretty thick on a Saturday afternoon. A.D. did great though and had plenty of exhibits that he could enjoy.

On the farm...the eggs went into the holes above A.D.'s head and dropped down to the collecting basket on the floor. He must have watched the older children do this because he walked over and did it the first time. He definitely shocked me!

Don't let his smile fool you. He was like all the other children...he definitely didn't like the horse!

He loves carrots!

The slides were the biggest hit. A.D. didn't want us to hold him going down. He is my little adventurer!

Playing the piano!

He loves playing the instruments!

The water exhibits were awesome, and he didn't even get wet!

The wind tunnel made him giggle so much!

They had these tubes set up that you could put balls into and they would shoot out into various bins below. A.D. figured it out pretty quickly.

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Matt said...

That place looks awesome!