Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prize Fight... B3 Style

As you know, B3 will be expecting a new member in August. And with the new arrival will be a new power struggle for the attention of Tiff and I. I have a feeling the baby will win, but not without a good fight from Smokey, our resident pain-in-the-ass cat.

In about 2 months the fight should begin... Here's the fight billing.

Name: Smokey

Age: 3

Weight: 11 lbs

Bio: Smokey's incredibly efficient style of grabbing the attention of humans includes: incessantly bitching until they notice him, yell at him, feel bad, and then feed him; biting; attacking a passing foot and then retreating; throwing up on any plush, soft, and otherwise easily-stainable flat surface of the house; pooping; occasionally looking cute; throwing his body against any closed door at Mach speeds until the human behind the door opens it, yells at hims, feels bad, and then gives him treats; and knocking everything he can reach off of coffee tables, dining room tables, kitchen tables, dressers, and counter tops.

Name: Baby

Age: Newborn

Weight: About the same as a good-sized Bass

Bio: Although his attention-getting style is still unknown, the baby will most likely employ the same tactics that have been passed down to him from generations past. These tactics will most likely include: crying until the parents notice him and feed him; projectile vomiting; stuffing things in his mouth; mashing things into the carpet; pooping; occasionally being cute; stuffing things in his nose; flushing anything within reach down the toilet; and giggling.

It should be a pretty good fight... The betting window is now open.

(Baby photo by PBD/Dave)

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Lilo said...

LOL you are horrible! Your poor cat is going to be so upset and jealous! You better buy some good catnip!