Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 Month Update...

We're a little over 7 months old and new things are happening every day. There's no more "kinda" when it comes to mobility. Fortunately for us it's not upright mobility, but it's mobility none the less. He's getting fast on his stomach, and if we turn around even for a second, the next thing we know he's jamming a shoe, the Wii, or some part of furniture into his mouth. We're so proud.

We're still making the monthly trip to the doctor. Not by choice, of course. He's just now getting over his 5th ear infection in 5 months, and 6th in total. Is that a record? If not, it should be. The doctor told us that this is the last one he can have before they send him to the ENT. I'm pretty confident that tubes are in our near future. If it makes him feel better, then I'm all for it.

He's also just about graduated from his Infant 1 room in daycare, and they are slowly working him into the Infant 2 room. There really isn't much difference between the rooms, other than the drool trails go all over the room, rather than staying in little puddles in the middle of the floor. He also has to wear shoes and socks every day, and they encourage him to hold his own bottle.

The little man has been trying the sippy-cup occasionally too. If you're not familiar with the sippy-cup, then let me explain. A sippy-cup is, well, a cup that doesn't leak.

Huh. I thought there would be more explaining than that.

Anyways, he hasn't quite figured it out yet. He mostly just chews on the "sippy" end, and every once in a while when he does suck on it he acts really surprised that something comes out. Then he chews it again... then eventually sucks... then gets surprised. It's a vicious sippy-cup cycle.

Lastly, he is eating "puffs" at the dinner table. Well, "eating" might be the wrong word. Generally, he picks them up and, like everything else in the house, puts them one at a time in his mouth. But the texture freaks him out, and he immediately spits it out. Then he sees another puff, gets excited, and sticks it in his mouth. Well you know he drill... it's a vicious puff cycle.

I have a feeling it won't be long until we master drinking from the sippy-cup, get better at eating puffs, and get tubes in our ears. We'll keep you posted.


Sara said...

Sippy cup correction: a sippy cup does not leak when first bought. After multiple "chew sessions", tosses across the room, washing in the sink, and runs through the dishwasher, the sippy cup will leak. At which point you have to teach the child how to always set in upright, keep paper towels on standby, or get frustrated and buy a new sippy cup. The hard tops leak less than the soft tops and straws. But of the soft tops, the Gerber Nuks seems to be the most resilient. I have only seen them at Walmart. Of course, your guy is a lot more chill than my two. Maybe mine are just monsters to their cups.

friedrichfamily said...

Don't stress about the tubes. My son just had these put in last week, actually - he's had at least 6 ear infections in his 14.5 months! The procedure was so simple - the nurses took him from us a little after 8am, and the doctor was in the lobby talking to us by 8:20. At 8:25, a nurse came and got us and took us to Colton. He was fussy, but as soon as he got his bottle, he was good to go! (He hadn't eaten since 11:30 the night before.) That afternoon we ran errands, and you never would have guessed the kid had had surgery that morning. The doc says the tubes will just fall out of his ears in a year or two, and any time he gets an ear infection, we'll see drainage. All we have to do is put drops in his ears - no more antibiotics, and no more copays at the pediatrician to diagnose! You'll love them. :)