Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mobility... Kinda

This week has been pretty relaxed. I went out of town for one night on Thursday and left Tiff at home with the little man while he had Croup (or the Croup. I'm pretty sure the word the is optional. I'll have to look that up). After a few days of breathing treatments and steroids, he seems to be feeling a lot better.

We still aren't crawling yet, but we're starting to master the commando crawl. Here's a video of the 3-foot pilgrimage across the floor... Note the Smokey cameo at 0:05, the "Airplane Maneuver" at 0:17, the brief loss of interest at 0:26, and success at 0:46.


Anonymous said...

Love the Michael Phelps style...A swimmer is born???

Aly said...

That is awesome. Fly little one! Fly!