Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Reality Sinks In...

Last night, while Tiff and I were in the kitchen, I looked over at the baby, back at Tiff, and back to the baby...

"Holy Crap... we have a kid."

I'll admit that it wasn't one of my more brilliant moments.

I also admit that I know he's already almost 3 months old, give or take. I know that: we've had pictures made of him; have a blog about him; I saw him pop out of my wife (kinda); we've dropped him off and picked him up at daycare; PAYED for daycare; taken him to the E.R. at midnight; and have a lot of nicknames for him.

I know that.

But standing there in the kitchen watching Tiff wash bottles while he was on the floor blowing snot bubbles (which is hilarious, by the way) was really one of those weird times when the baby thing sunk in. I'm not sure why.

As a side note, you'll all see the photos once the family get their copies.


MM and Wes said...

we STILL have those moments... 16 months later!

Aly said...

I think we need a video of those snot