Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Show-February 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains....A.D. loves any and all things to do with trains. We happened upon a poster for a train show when we were visiting a local train store a few months back. I penciled the date on the calender and sort of forgot about it. Luckily I glanced at the calender earlier this month and noticed the train show was up-coming. I think our perceptions of what would be at the train show were different than reality, but I still think A.D. had a wonderful time. There was a lot of photo opportunities, however, I always seemed to catch other children in the frame so here is the only good one with just A.D.

And since I didn't catch a lot of good photos at the train show, this photo-op occurred a couple days later while sitting a train crossing.

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Patrice said...

He is precious sitting there with his puppy.