Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Password is...Kah!

The little man has started talking. Well, not talking talking. I mean, he's not exactly ready to order at the drive-through yet, but talking none the less. His first word is "kah." Yup, that's his word, and it's his favorite word in the word.

What does it mean? It's what he says when Smokey, our (much beloved, mostly pain in the ass) cat walks in the room. A.D. hasn't put the T on the end to round out the word "cat," but he's pretty close. And he's been getting closer and closer to petting Smokey the Kah on occasion too.

Maybe he'll ...

I lost my train of thought because as I was typing, Tiffany was giving A.D. a bath. I heard her yelp for help, and seconds later I was fishing poop out of the bathtub with a cup. Awesome... where was I?

Sigh... I don't remember where I was going with that.

Anyways, as many of you have noticed, we've got new header art for the blog courtesy of Samantha, Tiffany's sister. Samantha is a recent graduate from Winthrop University, and is now a starving artist. She's also the one who painted A.D.'s room right before he was born. She's doing freelance work right now, so if you have a blog that needs some bling, give Sam a ring (hehe). You can contact her and check out some of her work at her website

Lastly, Tiff and I are celebrating our fourth (holy crap!) anniversary this weekend. Our anniversary is really next weekend, but next weekend we are celebrating the little dude's first birthday (holy crap again!). Stay tuned for the "smash cake" photos.

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