Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 hours later...

That day was pretty busy and after work I was in charge of picking up take-out for us, Tim's Dad and Austin, and Lee and Amanda. To say we had a house full that evening would be accurate. However, it was great to spend time with friends and family sitting around the table catching up. After everyone cleared out, I headed upstairs to change and get A.D. settled down for the evening. Tim quickly came upstairs also, and nervously sat down beside me.
"So, are you ok?" He asked.
I glanced over as I quickly changed A.D's diaper. "Yep. Are you?"
He ignored my question, "Is there anything you want to talk about?"
At this point he was beginning to freak me out, "No, but evidently there is something you would like to. Spill."
He went on to give me a recounting of his day. I busted out laughing. I couldn't stop. As you can imagine, Tim was squirming by this point and wanted an answer.
"You are looking at your answer," I said holding up A.D.
I had thrown the positive tests in the back of my medicine cabinet after finding out I was pregnant with A.D. and forgotten about them. On that morning, I decided to clean out the cabinet and didn't think a thing about throwing the tests away. Next time, I'll say something to Tim so I don't scare him so badly. One way or the other, it made for a great laugh and a good story. Guess you all will have to keep tuning in to see how much longer "a couple of years" will be.

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Lilo said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Good story to tell for sure... that is freakin hilarious! =) I can't believe he went all day without asking about it!