Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to Build a Crib...

Now that we all know how to buy a crib, the next step is putting the thing together. The first step is hauling the many pieces up to the baby room.

-- Actually, to back up, the first step is jamming all of the baby furniture into the back of an F-150 and rolling along I-85 at 45mph with it all stacked up in the back like Jed Clampett. We did that yesterday, so here we are now --

The first thing I did was look for the instructions... not because I needed them, but to see if I could do them in Chinese. It's a fun little game I play.

Thankfully, I quickly found the crumpled up mass of paper known as the instructions. BUT, they were fake instructions. So I kept searching.

Once I finally found the instructions, I noticed they were in English. Disappointing I guess. I decided to read the instructions anyways, just to make sure I would have built the bed right... which I would have.

For some reason I needed an allen wrench, some cotton string, and a putter.


The string didn't prove as effective as the bolts and wing-nuts did. But it did its job.

Once the crib was about complete, I needed to check to see if the floor was level. So that's what the putter was for.

Here's the assembled bed on the Plane Wall. I'll post pics of the finished room once we get it completed.


Lilo said...

Aww looks great! I would have loved to see the F150 truckin it with a load of baby stuff! ahahahah. Glad to see you got that crib put together without hurting yourself! :)

Terry said...

The crib looks great Tim and from what I can tell, so does the room!

MM and Wes said...

Aren't you getting really close to having a baby?? I need an update, pronto.