Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Wee-wee absorbing sponges"... awesome.

Tiff and I finally registered at Babies R Us this week. I think we looked at just strollers for about 45 minutes. To clarify, we didn't "look" at strollers... we pushed, spun, took apart, folded up, picked up, determined poop-stain deterence, measured, and put back together the strollers.

While we were there, we sort of decided to try to keep things as natural or organic as possible. We registered for detergents and lotions that don't have much fragrance, natural cotton wash cloths, and a natural cotton foam diaper changing thingy (as is evident in previous posts, I'm not sure what a lot of this stuff is called). But that's really it, I think. We're still using the good old disposable diapers that will suck up about half of the Atlantic Ocean.

We saw this there too, which of course Tiff wouldn't let me register for... A Weeblock!

"A baby boy loves to take direct aim at you when being changed. But now you can protect yourself with Weeblock, a cup-like covering that you place between his legs at changing time. Underneath the super-soft 2-ply cotton jersey covering lies the secret weapon: a wee-wee absorbing sponge. Bright color combinations with embroidered icons give this utilitarian product a healthy dose of fun. And yes, the whole thing's machine washable. Imported."

Of course it's imported.


And now for the Baby-Belly shot. This is Tiff at 23 weeks, almost 24.

-- Tim


Lilo said...

Awwwwww. She is adorable =)

Aly said...

Tiff, You look Beautiful!!!!

Terry said...

Yesterday at Babies R Us we registered for the Wee Blocker but then looked online and everyone said it doesn't stay on, work, etc. So don't be too disappointed if you don't get one...

Nick and Kris said...

You look great, Tiffany!

I have to admit, I want to try out one of those Wee Blockers. :)

MM and Wes said...

I hear these are better!

take care -- TIff, you look great!

Lilo said...

Ok man! Its MAY! I think its time for some updates!!! =)